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At OneCap we're seeking out opportunities as a private equity player where we contribute by supplying expertise, creativity, financial structuring and overall support. OneCap is involved in a multitude of fields where complex structuring is needed.


Cannabis Licenced Producer

Montreal, Quebec

Based in the province of Quebec, Puriflor Enterprises Inc. is a late stage applicant under the Canadian Cannabis Act whose objective is to manufacture and process cannabis products. The Company will provide cannabis cultivation, nursery, propagation, extraction, processing, research and development, and clinical studies. From its  proprietary strains, to its nurseries and propagation systems, Puriflor strives to be a brand that values openness, integrity and an uncompromising quality of product.

As an active player in the funding activities and operating elements through the facility construction, OneCap is also taking part in the overall business activities of the company from its birth to its growth.

Puriflor's website


Crypto Currency/Blockchain

Toronto, Ontario

3iQ Corp. (“3iQ”) is the first Canadian investment fund manager to agree to terms and conditions with the Canadian security's regulatory authorities which permit 3iQ to manage a multi-cryptoasset investment fund available to Canadian accredited investors.


3iQ was founded in 2012 to launch retail investment products from Landry Investment Management and other emerging investment management companies in Canada. 


OneCap has contributed capital to assist 3iQ in its activities.

3iQ's website

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