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OneCap prides itself in building communities through its land development partners such as PREMIUM LANDS. OneCap's objective is to work through its partnerships to deliver great places to live, to work and for leisure. Our experience with municipalities, professionals and builders enables us to deliver on this promise.

Saint-Constant Phase I

Saint-Constant, Quebec

Through its partnership with Premium Lands, OneCap is developing tracks of land in Saint-Constant, Quebec. From the purchase of raw land to the establishment of fully zoned residential communities, OneCap collaborates with municipalities and other stakeholders to optimize and create environment for the betterment of Saint-Constant.

​The proposed Master Plan for phase 1 was developed to optimize returns and community benefits taking in consideration the existing cultural, sports and transportation ecosystem.

Pre-development, Land assembly, Re-zoning and Infrastructure work are all tackled while taking into consideration financial, environmental and social impacts.

​Phase 1 contains approximately 110 units.

Saint-Constant Phase II

Saint-Constant, Quebec

Based on experience acquired during the development of Phase 1, Premium Lands (a OneCap division) has worked with the municipality to increase density and develop a community that reflects the future of Saint-Constant.

With approximately 230 units, this project has a direct impact on the social and economic fabric of the city.


Delivery of phase 1 & 2 expected as of 2020.

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